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Our Team​

Christopher and Margo Dean

Owners & Area Distributors
Rainbow has opened so many doors for us. We love coming to working every day and sharing our story and the Rainbow Opportunity with everyone we meet.

Scott Edwards & Jenny Edwards

Part time Dealer & Executive Dealer
Scott and I have joined Rainbow in 2021. Rainbow has literally changed our lives! We love sharing the gift of fresh clean air and a 100% efficient home cleaning system ! We also love what we are doing and all the wonderful people we meet in the process.

Danielle Dieterle

Marketing Director
I joined the Rainbow family because I love meeting new people and seeing them happy. It's awesome being able to stand behind a product I truly believe in! It's amazing being able to breathe better in my own home and I sleep so much better knowing my family has a CLEAN home.
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Happy Customers

"The results from the Rainbow cleaning my floors is astonishing! How it leaves my air is so refreshing! One of The best investment I've ever made!"
Coach Carol
Happy Rainbow Customer
"This has been a blessing. My family and I breathe so much better with the fresh clean air we breathe in our home. No more stuffy bloody noses, itchy eyes and we get a great nights sleep while the air purifier and Rainbow cleaning System runs while we sleep to clean our air we breathe. Thank you Margo Dean for taking us on this amazing Journey. "
S. Covington
Happy Rainbow Customer
"I love our Rainbow! The floors actually look and feel clean after using it. We love having the ability to run it and clean the air, it smells so much better in the house."
Shiloh Kirk
Happy Rainbow Customer
"Our rainbow cleans our carpet extremely well. It even cleans our hardwoods without scratching them. We keep it on all day to clean the air in our house and the air smells so fresh."
Amanda Hart
Happy Rainbow Customer
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